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Viking Communications has the experience and technical expertise needed to keep your wireless services up and running. Listed below are some of the services Viking Communications can provide.

Wide Area Dispatch

Viking Communications operates four wide area communications radio systems in South-Eastern Wisconsin, giving seamless dispatch and data communications all over South-Eastern Wisconsin.

At monthly airtime rates starting around $12.00, you will be ahead of the game (compared to cellular telephones) in no time at all.

Click HERE to see a map of our coverage area.

Campus / In Building Coverage / DAS

With wireless devices becoming more and more a part of everyday life, the longer you are out of a covered area, the harder it is to get your job done.

When you walk into a shopping mall, office buidling or sports arena and your wireless device works just fine, chances are that a wireless provider has installed a DAS or Distributed Antenna System.

A DAS takes signal from outside the structure and distributes that signal, through internally installed antennas, throughout the structure in question.

This not only works for cellular devices, but two-way radio as well. If any of your two-way radio users experience so called "dead spots" in a particular area, a DAS can eliminate those areas giving you thorough coverage of your building or campus.

Whether we just install a pre-designed DAS system or design it from ground up, Viking Communications can take care of all of your coverage needs.

Conventional Radio Systems

Viking Communications can economically design a two-way radio system for your single building facility or campus environment, offering you outstanding coverage and reliability.

From systems using two radios to well over 1000 radios, we can design a conventional radio system to meet your needs.

Wireless Data / Backhaul

Viking Communications can provide you with a high bandwidth, dedicated link between your facilities, or buildings within a facility.

Why lease a line from a telecommunications carrier (starting at ~$500/month) at lower bandwidth when you can own a high bandwidth link with no other customers sharing your connection?

Using microwave equipment, Viking Communications can set up a dedicated link to extend your data network, PBX, surveylence system, etc. with no monthly fee. Just buy the equipment and let us install it. R.O.I. can be under two years in many cases.

Custom Wireless Solutions

From installing satellite telephones to customer paging systems, if your system involves RF (radio frequency) equipment, chances are, we can help you implement that system.

APCO-25 / P25

Viking Communications is an authorized dealer and service center for Kenwood, EF Johnson and Vertex APCO 25/P25 products.

With the recent mandates for P25 compliance in public safety radio systems, several manufactures have adopted products for this open standard. Viking Communications offers P25 radios from several vendors and becuse of this, we are able to match a P25 radio with your needs.

EF Johnson even has the capability of simultaneous operation on SmartNet/SmartZone systems, P25 coventional or trunked systems, and analog conventional systems.

When you compare to Motorola radios, EF Johnson can offer a superior radio at a lower price.

Automatic Vehcile Location (AVL)

Leveraged using the advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) sattelites and Kenwood® mobile radios, Viking Communications can provide you with Automatic Vehicle Location and dispatch style voice communications for one low monthly fee.

Now you can see where your entire fleet is whenever you want. You can also record the fleet's activity for playback at a later date.

You can also find out when a vehicle was started, turned off, raised the plow blade, turned on the sweeper, extended the wheelchair lift, etc. Additionally, using Kenwood® FleetSync for ANI, you can see who was transmitting and when.

Again, compared to other AVL and voice solutions, you will be way ahead of the game with Viking Communications low monthly fees starting at around $15.00 per month for both voice and AVL.

Mobile Data / Text Messaging

Using Kenwood® FleetSync for messaging, you can send your vehicles real-time, free-form text messages. Useful if the driver is occupied, away from the vehicle, etc. The radio will emit an audible tone until the message is acknowledged. Additionally, the radio confirms with the sender that the message was received, so you know if the message was delivered each time.

Also, you can send detailed text instructions to a Kenwood® KDS-100 data terminal so the driver has all necessary information for their job without any intervention on their part.

Tower Space

Viking Communications owns a 500' tower in New Berlin, Wisconsin, giving the tower a total height of 1,482.37 feet AMSL.

Click HERE to find out more about our tower site.

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